So what is it and why should I care?

What is it?

Pintrest is a new type of visual social network, sort of a cross between tumblr and facebook. It's strength lies in it's simplicity and minimalist apporach to design. Because of the visual nature of the platform and the high quality and cutting edge products and visuals displayed there, items quickly go viral through the large and influential user base.

Now the thing that makes pintrest really interesting is the fact that in the last 6 months it has been steadily gianing users and visits. 11 million views per week, an increase of over 4000% from 6 months ago.

Why should I care?

1. pintrest drives a ton of traffic, active and qualified traffic. Users on pintrest are looking for that next cool thing of the moment and will share it around to their followers who are also highly motivated buyers. 

2. Users of pintrest are highly engaged, setting up boards of their interests and following other peoples collections. It's an addictive process for shopaholics and collectors of the latest fashions and trinkets. 

3.  It's easy to set up and get started, simply upload an interesting and well shot image of your product and then link it to your site. List it according to the price range ($1-20, $20-50 ...etc) and you're away. If someone things your product is worth a share, they will and soon you'll find traffic (and sales) will take off vertically!


So how do I sell on pintrest?

Here's the tricky part, pintrest has become popular because of the smiple and easy sharing nature of the process, no advertisements or business pages are currently allowed or available. The best way to do it is to share and share alike. Create a personal account at and then start browsing around for items in the same category.

Once you get the feel for how the site works, you can try uploading some nice product shots and add a link to your site. Don't be too pushy, throw up a couple of your best items, share and then see what works best for you. Know that pintrest doesn't do run of the mill, and if your product is not captivating or unique then you may have a hard time gaining traction.


The next step is to include either a $ or £ symbol in the description. This automatically sets up the image as a gift and inserts it into the right pricing bracket. See, EASY! Bam, you're done! On to the next one!